HTC One S, Almost Perfect Smartphone

HTC is not just any brand. Hearing the HTC name means quality and it’s located at One smart phone’s hers. Although asked as a premium smart phone, One S-class is still below the X series One who was born first.

But One’s stay special outside and inside. For example, the physical size of One’s ideal when held. And to know what the details of the smart phones that have been integrated with the operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich, please refer to the explanation of the test results Media Indonesia.

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Mindtalk, Social Networking flavor Loka

IF glad bersosialiasi in social networking and making friends who have similar interests, you can try to register on the site Mindtalk. Social networking sites were developed with Danny Oei Wirianto Robin was the original made in Indonesia.

Co-founder Danny Oei Mindtalk Wirianto said, although fairly new player in the social networking world, the site is already being used by more than 180 thousand users in 190 countries.

” The reason Mindtalk born out of social networking in Indonesia are very excited, but a lot of users who use the product outside,” said Danny in Jakarta.
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Skype 3.0 for Android Have a New Interface

SKYPE change the user interface (user interface) for tablet computers like the Android operating system Google Nexus 7 and the Asus Transformer Prime. The new look it can be found in Skype version 3.0.

The new interface is designed to look like a real screen. Skype version 3.0 for Android was made as for the Ipad, which provides two columns to simplify the process of multitasking.
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New Smartphone Application for Holiday Fun

ALREADY have an application to help your holiday trip? Do not miss it because now present some new applications are no less powerful for your smart phone. And certainly going to make the holiday even more memorable.

1. Air France Music

This may be an aircraft application of the most entertaining. Yes, the application of the latest Air France combines a music player and games. The application is now not only yersedia on the plane. Web users now play their favorite tracks in a cloud above just by lifting their Iphone.

The songs were captured can then be added to the playlist. Music available will vary according to the route. In fact, there are some songs that have never been released. Mobile: Iphone, Ipad
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It’s FREE to Banish Mosquitoes

MOSQUITO not only makes the itch, but it can also be a source of disease. If you use a tablet or Android operating smartphonebersistem, four free app on Android Market online app stores following could be an alternative.

1. Anti Mosquito Ultrasonic

This application can prevent mosquito bites is exposed. Anti Mosquito Ultrasonic channel ultrasonic sound wave with a high frequency that can only be heard by female mosquitoes and some animals. Mosquitoes do not like the ultrasound so they will fly away.

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Glasses Can be Operated by Eye Movement

IMAGINE you are a mechanical finger full of grease and tried to follow the instructions repair.

Every time must turn the page on the screen, you would have to keep working tools and wash finger.

Background conditions, the scientists of the Fraunhofer Center for Organics, Materials and Electronic Devices Dresden (COMEDD) developed glasses that allows users to rotate pages in digital documents using the eye. So, they do not have to bother saving work tool, and then wash your hands. Continue reading “Glasses Can be Operated by Eye Movement”

This gramophone could be Speaker for Iphone

Listening to music from the phone sometimes does not make it comfortable. Without headphones, and the volume of the less fit, you’ll likely need a speaker to enjoy music.

Do not believe? Just look at the picture that was released Iphone Gramofon Restoration Hardware. Gramophone that appears in the picture is a speaker that can be used to listen to songs through the iPhone and other gadgets Ios operating system.

Sound dock designed to resemble a traditional gramophone with a base color walnut. Creators deliberately designed like that to the classic look. Her outward was designed to make it a classic. So, do not expect the user will get a high-definition sound.

How to use it, plug the iPhone directly into the base. Furthermore, the amplifier will issue suara.Speaker it does not require batteries or electricity.