Gim Gellies World Inspired The Sims

The Sims GIM popular in early 2000 was apparently able to inspire the developers. Evidently this time with the advent of a social online games called Gellies World developed by PT Gellies Media.

Bayu Ekaputra as chief executive officer, said the gym has three concepts, namely social games, social networking and entertainment platform. In the first concept, like other social games, players will play several mini games.

Later there will be a experience that can be obtained so that the players can rise to the next level.

” Level as of Jeller, then go to Jeller Senior, Major Jeller, and Legend. Besides, we also plan to invite developers to participate in order to play in the World Gellies more interactive,” explained Bayu. Continue reading “Gim Gellies World Inspired The Sims”

RS 13 and RF 13, Present on Android and Ios

GAMELOFT presenting his sports games on the two platforms, Android and Ios. Uniquely in Android, Gameloft named RF 13 or Real Football 2013. While in Ios, RS 13 or Real Soccer 2013. However, in both gameplay there is no difference.

Gim was briefly similar to Pro Evolution Soccer or Winning Eleven. But with some additional features like there is a city that has some of the facilities could be used by the teams players. For example, there are hospitals (Hospital), Spa and Gym.

Injured players can quickly recover if the Hospital level intensified. So is the Spa which is a resting place and a gym that can improve players skills and techniques.
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24 Gim Ready Played on Nintendo Wii U

WII U will be launched on Sunday (18/11) in North America. As quoted technology site Mashable, there will be 24 games that had been prepared for the console Nintendo made it.

Some of these games are already popular in some other consoles, such as Assassin’s Creed, Batman, and Call of Duty. Then for a full list can be seen below.

1. Assassin’s Creed III

2. Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition
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Gim Angry Birds Star Wars: Fun and Challenging

GIM Angry Birds Star Wars came up with a game that is more fun and challenging. The game is available free on Google’s online application store Play Store.

On the Android platform, games that made George Lucas adapted the story is divided into five stories. The first and second stories are located on the planet Tatooine and the Death Star.

Then, the third on Hoth, but still developed by Rovio as the developer of Angry Birds. Continue reading “Gim Angry Birds Star Wars: Fun and Challenging”

Gim 25 Best Facebook in 2012

FACEBOOK released a list of 25 best games this year. All games are the best present in 2012 were categorized as having more than 100 thousand active users. Best Label was also born thanks to the assessment given by Facebook users through rating.

In addition to Facebook, there are only a few games that can be played on mobile devices using the Android operating system and Ios. To know what these new games, please see the list below.

1. SongPop (available on, the Ios and Android)
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Seven Advantages Iphone 5

APPLE has just launched the Iphone 5. Besides having a physical form that is thinner and wider, the latest generation iPhone also has the advantage inside the operating system Ios 6.

Both products Apple has seven useful advantage when working, so based on information from the tech site PC World. Want to know what?

Please see his review below.

1. Faster

Smart phones are usually used to access the data. Thanks to the presence of Iphone 5 that already has network connectivity LTE, already assured of access to the data will be faster than 3G.

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Five Disadvantages Iphone 5

IPHONE 5 has been long awaited by fans presence of Apple products.

Although a number of features and specifications, such as the operating system and processor, has been renewed, it was the successor to iPhone 4S still lacks. Want to know what? This is the answer.

1. New interface

Each operating system has its own advantages. Windows Phone with a display tile, then Android is similar to Ios but adding features widgets. Iphone 5 could alluring if it has a display interface that is completely new.

2. Recharge battery with wi-fi
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Galaxy SIII Mini Vs iPhone 5, Who’s Winning?

SAMSUNG as if not to be outdone by Apple. After the launch of the Iphone 5 in September, Samsung presents Galaxy SIII two mini-sized. In fact, Samsung recently launched Galaxy SIII which is larger than both of these in May.

But if you want to know what specs comparison between the Galaxy SIII mini Iphone 5? Following his presentation.

1. Screen

Galaxy SIII mini screen size is 4 inches. The screen uses Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 400x800p. While the Iphone 5 that also has the same screen size using IPS TFT type with a higher resolution, 1136x640p.

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