Yoga for Physical and Psychological Health

With the growing popularity of yoga in the world, maybe you’ve heard about the power of healing and what kind of diseases can be cured. However, according to some yoga teachers, almost all diseases can be cured by yoga is all about control and alignment of all the things that attach to the body.

However, if a medical reason the main reason for doing yoga should consult with your doctor first because in yoga there are movements that will affect your practice.

Here are the benefits of yoga to cure heart disease, depression, and build you.

Reduce the risk of heart attack
Yale University School of Medicine have found that yoga is proven to reduce the risk of heart attack. Studies conducted by Satish Sivasankaran, MD, (in Peck, 2004) suggest that the practice of yoga at least three times a week will lower the blood pressure and heart rate. This is because yoga makes your blood vessels more flexible, so that the contract can be better. Blood vessels to contract properly can cause blood flow to be smooth and the blockage becomes eroded. Continue reading “Yoga for Physical and Psychological Health”

Generating Activities spirit with Yoga

Fun activity started up refreshed and happy. However, traffic congestion, work piling up, and a few other Things the make us stress. One an alternative to restore the sagging spirit is by doing yoga.

Fun anymore, According to Yudhi Widyantoro, yoga instructor from the Yoga House, Jakarta, as quoted by the health magazine, yoga can be done by anyone. It’s just for women who are pregnant or have certain diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, it is better done under the supervision of a yoga instructor.

This exercise should be done when the stomach is empty. So, do not eat at least 3 hours before exercise and just be eating a half hour later. For optimal results, do yoga at least 1 time a day.

Originally done properly, in the long term yoga has many benefits for our bodies, Including health promotion, free from stress and depression, Rejuvenate the skin, improving bad habits as Easily panic or emotion, help the body recognize and learn to treat your body’s power . Here are the movements:
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Heating Required Before Doing Yoga

Yoga is not just if the body to cope with stress, fatigue or back pain. Specifically, yoga emphasizes control over the activities of the body, senses and mind. Good thoughts, good body needs anyway. Both should be treated and controlled to keep it healthy and sustainable.

To obtain the benefits of yoga actually, as reported by the orbits of spiritual meditation and yoga, there are eight steps that must be performed or tiered Astangga called Yoga. Here are eight stages of yoga in disciplining the body and mind,

YAMA, which includes abstinence abstinence means to hurt other creatures, both in thoughts, words, and perbuatan.Pantang err, never steal, never indulgence in lust and never had the rights of others.

Niyama, meaning civilizing themselves and include external and internal purification, peace, meditate, study and worship before the Lord Almighty. Continue reading “Heating Required Before Doing Yoga”

Easy Ways to Focus Yourself When Meditating

Popular meditation to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Peace of mind gained while meditating, also can relieve and allows one to think more clearly in the decision. One key focus of the meditation is. But unfortunately, the focus difficult to do due to many things, such as the fear of something.

To be more focused and useful meditation, see the tips that was launched from Suite101, following,

Find a comfortable position

No need to make a large room or special room. You can use the corner of a room that has a good level of tranquility, have smooth air circulation and enough for a mattress, a table to put candles or flowers that helped launch meditation.

Focus on day-to-day activities
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Know The Benefits And Risks Yoga Practice

Many things can be done to sport and relax the body and mind, one option is to do yoga. Yoga is a kind of form of exercise that has been known since 3000 BC and until today has become the trend of life for many people.

Yoga exercises most emphasis on physical exercise to train muscle tone, but also train breathing and meditation and relaxation. Practicing yoga will give you benefits, which increase flexibility, strength, and balance.

You want to know what are the benefits that can be obtained from the practice of yoga and the risks that can occur. As described by Dr.. Jeffry Sp.PD East, a specialist in internal medicine, which was launched by the World Fitnes, yoga can increase flexibility of joints. Yoga includes the strain on muscles, joints, ligaments and surrounding tissue. It works simultaneously and relatively safe at all almost all age groups.
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Million Benefits of Laughter Yoga for Health

Yoga is a practice generally use the poses (style) combined with processing certain breathing and concentration to obtain peace of mind and health of body. But, did you know that Yoga is not only trained with full concentration, it can even be done while laughing or commonly called Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga was developed by dr. Madan Kataria, a doctor from Mumbai, India, since 1995. Yoga makes use laughter as healing method. However, not just any laughter, but laughter, sometimes clapping and air ‘hoho … hahaha’ together.

From a survey conducted by Laughter Yoga International, as reported by duniafitnes and laughteryoga-Indonesia, there are various benefits of why people around the world choose Laughter Yoga as a therapeutic medium to enhance their health, namely:

Laughter is healthy
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Various Benefits of Meditation Science

Meditation is a relaxation practice that involves the release of the mind of all things interesting, overburden, or worry in our daily lives. From a physiological perspective, meditation is the best antistress drugs. Why meditation can be very beneficial for physical and mental health? Check out the explanation based on the following knowledge,

The brain is one of the ‘natural’ that has always been a mysterious and attractive material for scientists to continue to study it. In the brain there are different kinds of nerves with a variety of functions. Referring to the surrounding brain, the researchers also believe there is such a phenomenon that appears in the brain related to a matter of habit and experience spiritual science called Neurotheologi .

Neurothologi Proponents believe that there is a correlation between neurological and evolution by taking the basis of subjective experience. Although the scientific field is often criticized by other researchers, but the followers Neurothologi continue to believe that this scientific field is a ‘bridge’ between science and belief. Continue reading “Various Benefits of Meditation Science”

Relieve process Childbirth With Yoga

Yoga is very beneficial, including for pregnant women. According to Maria Muzik, professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan, put through yoga before delivery to help reduce stress, depression, tension as well as strengthen the mother-infant relationship in the womb. Yoga is done by pregnant women or called Prenatal yoga is also helpful to prepare women physically. Ranging from helping to strengthen the body of pregnant women, to increase flexibility.

Here are four types of yoga for pregnant women, as quoted from boldsky,


Is a type of yoga that helps improve muscle flexibility. It’s also good to stimulate the respiratory system in balancing the body and mind. During pregnancy, women face many physical changes, psychological, and anatomical.
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Positive Influence Yoga For The Busy

Yoga has been chosen by urbanites because it has a huge effect on health, especially in terms of mental health. The density of activity and high stress is one of the main factors increasing numbers of people who do.

Yoga trains the body to increase tolerance for discomfort. In fact, some of his moves are believed to be useful for weight loss. Besides, yoga also has the benefit of not less great for those who are super busy.

What are the benefits? Check out this review:

Can reduce stress

Busyness is high sometimes make you become stressed. As you know that one of the benefits of yoga is best known to relieve stress. In some people, stress can trigger overeating that can lead to weight gain. Therefore, to prevent stress and eating large meals, yoga is a way to cope.
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