Back Button Focusing For The Accurate Autofocus

Okay just an introduction first. By default, the way we lock the focus is to push the shutter button halfway. But actually there is one feature that is often used pro photographers using the AF-ON button or (*) before, usually called “back button focus”.

What is a back button focus?
Back button focus is fitu autotokus by exploiting a certain button on the back of the camera, usually the AF-ON button or (*) and usually push with your right thumb. If the back of your DSLR camera there is a button with the inscription AF-ON or an asterisk (*), this technique can be used directly. If it can not be activated from the camera menu settings.
Why should the back button focus?
Back button focus particularly useful when we use continuous autofocus mode or tracking. In continuous mode is by using back button focusing, we can free up the shutter button to lock focus from the obligation. Remember, when in continuous mode, the intention is often desired to lock the focus, but what happened instead terpencet shutter so the camera takes full exposure.
The main advantage of autofocus with AF-ON button or (*) is that we no longer need to push the shutter button halfway. Simply by pressing the AF-ON button with the thumb to begin to lock autofocus and tracking follow moving objects. When you want to take photos, live we press the shutter button fully without removing the AF-ON button or (*). In future articles we will discuss thoroughly, what are the advantages of this technique. Continue reading “Back Button Focusing For The Accurate Autofocus”

Composition Rules Of Third For More Pictures Tasty eyes of

The composition rules of thirds is one of the principles of photographic composition the best known and most popular for the majority of fans photographing portraits. Rule composition is a foundation for the balance of picture elements so that the overall picture looks more delicious.
In the photo’s composition, rules of thirds is just one of the many other principles of composition. And each of these principles is not mandatory lived, but to be creative, one must know the rules say only able to break it.
What is the composition rules of thirds?
In the rules of thirds, photo field is divided into three equal parts both vertically and horizontally so that you have 9 equal area. Thus, we now have a four-point meeting.

The four points are colored red above meeting can be referred to as a four-point eye. Well thirds rules of composition theory tells us that if we put a “point of interest” aka the most exciting part of a picture at one point, then the whole picture will be more balance and unsightly.
Not all four points must be completed simultaneously, just one. And elements of a point of interest can be either an object or an inanimate object human picture.
In design science stated that when viewing an image, the human eye is naturally drawn to one point above the midpoint of the center than in the photos. So the picture drawn by the composition rules of thirds better eyes because in line with the way our eyes see it.
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6 Benefits Photographing in RAW Format

In the article on RAW vs. JPEG we already know and understand fundamentally what are the advantages / disadvantages of each file format. Well in this article we will discuss in more detail specific and what are the benefits if we shoot in RAW format
There are six major advantage if you shoot RAW format, please:

1. White Balance Can Edited
When shooting with the RAW, the camera will not be messing about with setting the white balance of a photo. A photo will be direct sent from the sensor to the memory card without touching the camera and change anything.
White balance will only be applied when you export a file using sort Lightroom RAW converter. What it means is that we can change the white balance setting to anything after you finish shooting.
This is quite helpful when we are shooting in conditions with complex light and temperature change (read how to set custom white balance on the camera), so it is easy to make corrections while editing on the computer. Plus, when using RAW format, change the white balance will not result in artifacts like if you change the white balance a JPEG file as below:
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Quick Tips on Spot Beach Photos

When shooting on a sunny beach and Blue Skies, if you use auto exposure directly, then it will be too dark. There are tricks that can be used in this situation. All you need is a camera that lets you shoot in manual exposure and have exposure lock button, so all-mirrorless DSLR or advanced compact cameras. Here’s how:
Set manual exposure on the camera
Navigate to the roof so all that appears in the viewfinder or the LCD screen is only blue sky, make sure no sand or clouds appear there.
Read metering on the sky. Adjusting the aperture or shutter speed so that metering does not indicate over exposure or under exposure.
If the camera has an option to lock the exposure (exposure lock – read here how), use. Navigate to the sky – do metering – change the setting aperture / shutter speed – then push the AEL button, hold do not disconnect.
Now rearrange the composition of your photos while still pressing the AEL thumb, then snap the shutter button.
Done and good luck.

Composition Tips: Framing

One of the basic composition tips on photography is framing, ie, by placing the main subject of a photo or Point of Intereset (POI) in a position such that surrounded another element in the picture. Framing can be achieved by placing one picture elements that were located close to the camera in the foreground (foreground) surrounding a point of interest.

By framing the composition, we can increase the effect of the dimensions of the photo because there is a layer formed between the frame with a POI that is visually more appealing. Moreover, by making the other elements to isolate the main subject, we can lead the eye and attention of people who see the photos towards the main subject earlier.

Another purpose of framing is to give context to the photo, because the frame here as functioning as limit and give an introduction to our understanding of the environment surrounding the photo. Continue reading “Composition Tips: Framing”

Benefits of Yoga Before Sleep

Good night’s sleep is essential for physical and emotional health. We probably could have spent the nights were bad, but if it goes on and on to make the system immune compromised, emotional instability, difficulty concentrating and stress susceptible.

Needs someone to sleep vary, depending on the habits, activities conducted previously, and age. The researchers have confidence that the duration of sleep between seven and nine hours is the optimal amount. When it is time to sleep, not when we are in bed.

Poda when we sleep, we move between the two types of sleep stages, the eye movement sleep (Rapid Eye Movement / REM) and sleep without motion observations (Non-Rapid Eye Movement / NREM).
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Practical Yoga To Overcome Taste Weary in Office

Hours working at a computer can causeĀ  sore. Yudhi Widyantoro, yoga instructor from the Yoga House, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. This occurs due to the body’s reaction to the energy blockages that occur in it. Although relatively normal, this reaction should immediately be controlled so as not to cause a prolonged physical illness.

One alternative is to do a simple yoga movements, which you can do it while still sitting in the chair. Just 10 minutes! Once finished practice, guaranteed fresh will directly effect how you feel. Step-by-step movements are as follows:

Flex hands and feet

Sit upright but relaxed back in his chair, and open legs hip width apart. Next, lift your legs up as high as thigh and both arms parallel shoulder . Then circle both ankles and hands slowly clockwise taking a deep breath through your nose, out the mouth. Repeat 5 times. After that, do the movement in the opposite direction.
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Achieving Sexual Pleasure With Yoga

Yoga that has been practiced for over 5000 years. Therefore Yoga is not only good for alternative treatment, breathing exercises, body work and meditation.

In the book titled “Sexy Yoga” written by Ellen Barrett, said that with yoga you will not only get a flexible and strong body, but you can get a quality sex satisfaction and pleasure.

Blood flow
Lots of yoga movements, as well as benefits. One of these such as the benefits of exercise in general, which can expedite the flow of blood. Yoga positions can train your pelvic floor muscles and blood waging in the hip. The more often you train these muscles, your space will be more extensive and flexible, as it says Becky Jeffers, Director of the Berman Center for Female Sexual Health and Menopause Management of Chicago.
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