Zinc Supplementation to Prevent Infection

Zinc or zinc enough attention lately. Besides proven crucial for endurance, a lot of kids who turned out this mineral deficiency. Even the WHO said Indonesia high risk of zinc deficiency intake because generally only consume 50% of the nutritional adequacy rate.

Zinc is an important mineral that makes up more than 300 enzymes and proteins. Zinc is involved in cell division, nucleic acid metabolism, and protein manufacture. Zinc also helps working several hormones including fertility hormone, a hormone also produced by a gland in the brain, thyroid, adrenal, and thymus. For example, in the thymus gland hormone timulin to make T lymphocytes is only activated when it binds to zinc. Though this is a T cell-army of white blood cells which support the immune system. Prolactin also need zinc to stimulate breast milk and mammary gland growth.

As a powerful antioxidant, zinc is able to prevent cell damage and stabilize the structure of the cell wall. Zinc plays a role in the wound healing process by stimulating the formation and removal of skin cells to the injured area.
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In order for Safe Babies in Dining Chairs

Child has learned to sit in a high chair new, and start enjoying the additional food. Is your child is safe in the new dining chairs?

Do not leave the baby in the seat unattended.
Fasten seat belts, even if your baby is still too small to climb.
Keep chairs and dining surfaces.
For a high chair, make sure the table is attached with snaps. If not properly installed and locked, can make a baby that is not tied to the seat belt fell head first.
For seats that can be folded, make sure the locking mechanism works perfectly.
Do not let other children play around the high chair. They can pull or push the chair.
Keep away from the desk, wall or other surfaces that may by foot baby high chair so it can be tipped.
For chairlift, chair use only on wood or metal table stable. If the seat is suspended can make the table wobble, meaning the table is not stable enough. Do not use.

Factors Contributing to Overweight Children

The current trend for obese children is increasing. Why? To that end, the experts in the UK are trying to reveal the factors that influence the occurrence of obesity in a child. There are eight factors were found.

Research conducted on 9,000 children in England revealed that television is one of the eight causes of obesity are risk factors have been identified. Three-year-old son, who watch television more than eight hours in a week, increasing the risk of developing obesity. In a previous study, in the journal Pediatrics, shows that television is placed in the child’s room may be related to obesity through.

Recent research supports the theory that early environmental influences can cause obesity in person. Although obesity can be influenced by genetic factors, but the environment play an important role.
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Confused Preparing Kids Menu?

Are you confused arrange the kid’s menu? Here is a guide to the daily diet for children aged 2 to 6 years old, so you can earn a lot of creative ideas to obtain a nutritionally balanced menu tree. In fact to keep in mind is to avoid serving food and drinks that are not good, such as the use of milk bottles that are too long, too many sugary foods, soft drinks or fruit juice, and foods that can make a child choking (such as nuts, wine, and sweets) .

Nutrition in children should be kept because the right amount of nutrients that can help keep them from physical growth as well as the risk of various diseases such as obesity, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Some things you can do for your child to obtain the best nutrition, namely:

Presenting a variety of foods
A balanced exercise
Choose foods from grains, vegetables, and fruits
Choose foods low in fat and non cholesterol
Eating sugar and salt naturally
Choosing foods with high levels of calcium and iron sufficient Continue reading “Confused Preparing Kids Menu?”

Babies Can Suffer Stroke

Stroke can not only affects adults, but also newborns. As happened in Canada where infants as young as 6 hours, had a seizure and stopped breathing. Poorer known then suffered a stroke. New research in Canada alone by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, 6 out of 100,000 children have a stroke. Third occurs in newborns.

Stroke can occur due to blockage in the blood vessels of the brain called ischemic stroke or rupture of cerebral blood vessels resulting in hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding). At a stroke, brain cells do not get the blood and oxygen supply so as to cause the death of brain cells. When the stroke is severe, it can cause death.

The exact cause for sudden infant suffered a stroke, but at the time of birth in a healthy state, is resolved. One possibility put forward is the clamps on the umbilical cord at birth causing clots that clog arteries brain. And mothers who give birth have a simple blood clot that can increase the risk for blockage in infants. Continue reading “Babies Can Suffer Stroke”

Take a Bath My son!

Bath? It’s the most eagerly awaited baby. Generally your child very much enjoyed the bath. Warm water to loosen the muscles at the same time make him feel relaxed and happy. In order to show the bathing fun for your child, follow these tips:

Recognize a variety of baby shower needs. What equipment she’ll need to bathe your baby. Consider the following list, she might need a few of them:

baby soap
baby powder
Baby cream
Baby lotion
baby cologne
baby shampoo Continue reading “Take a Bath My son!”

Premature baby Big Risk

Premature babies at risk is already known to suffer from a number of health disorders. And one of the largest studies conducted recently, examined 1,200 babies are born prematurely in the UK and Ireland. From this result it, 40% of extremely premature infants (born at less than 25 weeks gestational age) appeared significantly impaired learning.

In 1995, in the UK there are about 4,000 babies are born with a gestational age of 20-25 weeks. Only 1,200 babies born alive, 811 baby should be cared for in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). And about 300 babies are finally able to be saved and go home. A quarter of these children suffer from severe disorders such as cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness and developmental disorders.

Researchers examined the children again when they were aged 6 years to determine their level of intelligence (IQ), attention, language skills and the ability to understand a problem. As a result, 40% of children had cognitive developmental problems of moderate to severe compared with 2% of the control group of their classmates. The cognitive problems were twice as common in boys who were born at 23-25 ​​weeks gestation.
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When the little one with glasses

Childhood is a time to absorb a variety of information. And, the eye is the “door” of information important enough role. Imagine what would happen if your child eye problem? No need to worry if your child should wear glasses. Therefore, this tool will only help him move.

Wearing glasses is not the end for the little guy. This is an interference problem refraction (refraction). Disorders of refraction will make the object captured by the eye does not focus alias looks blurry. This condition is corrected by use of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Actually, there are various types of refractive disorders. Which is usually experienced by children is minus eye disorders (disorders of refraction farsightedness) and a plus eye disorders (disorders of refraction farsightedness).

Children have eye abnormalities minus if it shows the following behavior:

Generally within the normal eye when viewing a picture or read a book about 30 cm. Children who have this disorder usually will bring her to book up to a distance of less than 20 cm. Continue reading “When the little one with glasses”

Prevent Dehydration Soon on Little

Once we know the sign of mild to moderate dehydration, which should soon get help, then there is no harm if we also know the signs of severe dehydration. Well, you should not let this happen ! Because it can be fatal.

Babies and small children will be more susceptible to dehydration than with children and adults.

Signs of severe dehydration:

Very dry lips.
Body limp, weak and many sleep.
Decreased consciousness, silent-not moving.
Eyelids look sunken.
In infants, the fontanel looks very haggard.
Rapid breathing and deep.
Rapid and weak pulse.
Dry skin, wrinkles, and when pinched skin takes a long time to get back to normal (decreased muscle tone), especially on the skin in the abdominal area.
Easy muscle cramps.
No urination for 6 to 8 hours for infants 1 year, and more than 8 to 10 hours for children.
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Emotions In Brain Center

Joseph LeDoux, a neurologist at the Center for Neural Science at New York University, through the mapping of the brain at work finding the important role of the amygdala. The amygdala is a group of cells shaped like almonds, which is based in the brain stem, and work process matters related to emotion. In other words, the amygdala is the emotional arsenal.

Feelings of sadness, anger, lust, love, and so rely on the amygdala. When the amygdala is lost from our bodies, then we will not be able to capture the emotional significance of an event. Like, the feeling disappears aspects of ourselves.

Role of the amygdala could explain why emotions can beat ratio. This happens, because the amygdala is able to take over control of the action, while the brain is still preparing the decision. The possibility of “hijacking” the emotion was more pronounced in people who have low emotional intelligence. Continue reading “Emotions In Brain Center”