Toys, Kids Learn to Increase Motivation

Every child really loves to play. For the little guy, the activity is not just having fun. Playing is very useful for helping to make it more optimal growth. So the selection of toys is crucial for optimal benefits.

As well as working for adults, play is work for children. Through play, your child will learn about the world and its surroundings. He has the opportunity to explore the environment and develop the skills, values, attitudes, tolerance, and understanding. Play is a way of expressing feelings and emotions faster than conveying verbal expression.

As a tool for playing, the selection of toys and play materials is crucial for optimal benefits. Abundant toy is useless if the toy has no educational value. That is, the toy gives enjoyment or play while learning the benefits of a particular skill. However, does not mean you also have to fill your child with educational toys that are too much. Toy is just one contributing factor to optimize brain development of children.

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Weight Loss and Behavior Problems

Currently, the problem of obesity a growing problem threatening because more and more people who are having problems in setting her weight. In Indonesia alone, began to look for the trend, not only in adults but also in children.

Overweight to obesity, has been known to cause a number of disease risk. Call it, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and many others. But research in the United States, shows that excessive weight gain in children also affects the state of behavior, especially in girls.

Research on nearly 10,000 children aged about 5 years, who are in school in kindergarten, collected data on height, weight and the reports of parents and teachers on child behavior problems.
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Recognize Crying Baby

It’s pretty much the reason for the difficulty of being a mother. However, having a baby is the dream of all women and one tremendous happiness. Here’s some info and tips for recognizing our baby crying and a way for women to live.

The child cried repeatedly to pause for breath. Usually this type of crying like a baby caused hungry or thirsty. Try to give him milk or favorite food.

Baby crying shrill, breathless then cry again. Maybe he fell and his body felt sore. Try to swing his body and he slowly massaged her with great tenderness.

Baby crying like screaming endlessly. Maybe he was bored. Try to hum, engage him in conversation, joking or take her out to restore cheerfulness.

Baby crying and whining will not sleep. Maybe he wants cuddled-buckle, try to lift and swing her body slowly and sing a song gently until she fell asleep.

Baby cries as if he was sad or angry. Maybe he was lonely and less attention. Try to accompany him until he is calm and cheerful again.

Baby crying sad followed lethargic body movements. Maybe he was sick. Try to check his temperature and immediately take it to the doctor for a checkup.

Baby cries grew louder and began to squirm in her bed. He felt uncomfortable with her ​​blanket or clothes. Try to always change his clothes before he fell asleep with a softer material and no heat in the body.

Factors Affecting Growth Height

Child height growth is not necessarily the same as the other children, even though the same age. At least 7 factors involved in determining the height of each child.

Heredity is the primary influence that determines your child’s height, according to Levitsky lynne, MD.kepala pediatric endocrine unit at the general hospital massachusetts, boston (USA). So if you and your husband’s height 155cm, do not expect your child someday height of 170 cm. It could be the child’s height would be more of a father-mother, but can not be much above the height of his parents.

Fulfillment of nutrients that the body needs large child participate. If traveling with a smooth growth process. Nutrients that contribute in helping your child achieve optimal height, including protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin D, iron (fe), Calcium (Ca), zinc (Zn), and iodine (I) .
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Intelligence and Creativity

Creativity is one of the characteristics of intelligent behavior because creativity is also a manifestation of a cognitive process. Nevertheless, the relationship between creativity and intelligence do not always show satisfactory evidence. Although there is a presumption that creativity has a linear curve of relations with intelligence, but the evidence obtained from different studies do not support it.

Low IQ followed by a low level of creativity. However, the higher a person’s IQ, is not always followed by a high level of creativity as well. Relationship IQ and creativity of a person can be seen up to a certain IQ. But higher again, it did not find any relationship between IQ with levels of creativity.

Scientists have tried to find the cause why it happened. J. P. Guilford explains that creativity is a process that is divergent thinking, the ability to provide a variety of alternative answers based on the information provided. In contrast, only intelligence tests designed to measure thinking processes that are convergent, ie the ability to provide a single answer or a logical conclusion based on the information provided. This is the result of the traditional education pattern that is less attention to the development process of divergent thinking ability even though this proved to be very instrumental in the progress achieved by science.

Heart Disorders in Children

Heart problems not only affect adults, children were also able to experience it. However, cardiac disorders in children is generally a congenital disease.

Children can suffer from heart problems since I was in the womb. Research shows that a child’s heart can be flawed if the mother has an infection toxoplasmosis during pregnancy such as infections, German measles, cytomegalovirus, or herpes. The infection can damage the heart organ during child still in the womb. Certain drugs taken during pregnancy mothers can also make children suffer from congenital heart defects. However, children born with a perfect heart was found not guarantee will be safe from a heart attack.

Heart problems in children can be caused by two things, namely congenital heart disorders and cardiac disorders acquired after birth. Congenital heart disorders may be caused by the leakage of the heart which is generally not known why. However, it is known that the German measles infections suffered by the mother during pregnancy may cause heart defects in the fetus. The same thing can happen if the mother also frequently consume alcohol or ever tried an abortion. Leakage may occur if the cardiac septum separates the left heart chamber or porch and right yet or not closed properly so the heart does not function properly. Continue reading “Heart Disorders in Children”

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

Healthy body and soul is a necessary condition for pregnant women. Because healthy mothers will produce a healthy baby anyway. A pregnant mother says psychologically healthy, if his soul is not disturbed. That is, spiritually he is enjoying her pregnancy right.

Meanwhile, physically healthy pregnancy is indicated by the presence of an optimal change with increasing maternal age. For example, weight gain, fetal growth well, and various other changes.

Requirement is to be met in order for the mother during pregnancy is healthy physically and spiritually? In the book Ms. Nakita Strong Healthy fetus, there are four main key to note that mothers healthy pregnancy, which is preparing for pregnancy, leading a healthy lifestyle, protect the body against disease, and prevent complications of pregnancy.
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Children Less Consumption of Iron

Infants and children who do not consume enough foods that contain iron are at risk of anemia, because their bodies need more iron for growth and development.

Babies will be more at risk of anemia in infancy is running fast because it does not obtain the input of iron in sufficient quantities. So is the baby whose weight is too low or less than normal birth month, they have a risk of suffering from anemia due to iron stores in the body only until the age of two months. Similarly, 1 to 3 year olds easy anemic, because children at that age difficult to eat foods that contain a lot of iron.
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Brief of Enterobacter sakazakii

E. sakazakii was first discovered in 1958 in 78 cases of infants with meningitis infection. Although these bacteria can infect humans at any age, but the biggest risk is affected by E. sakazakii is the age group of infants.

Substantial increase in cases being reported in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units, several hospitals in the UK, Netherlands, USA and Canada. In the United States, the incidence of infection with E. sakazakii has been reported is 1 per 100,000 infants. An increase in the incidence rate being 9.4 per 100,000 in infants with very low birth weight (<1.5 kg).

E. sakazakii is a gram-negative bacterial species of the family Enterobacteriaceae. These organisms are known as “yellow pigmented Enterobacter cloacae”. In 1980, this bacterium was introduced as the new types of bacteria based on differences in DNA hybridization analysis, biochemical reactions, and antibiotic sensitivity testing.
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Look out! Dangers Threaten Your Child

Nowadays, not only the dangers of excess weight that can be suffered by your baby, but the danger of increased blood pressure can also be experienced, which can lead to hypertension, heart disease and stroke by the time they are 20 years old.

This is not just an estimate, but is the result of research from doctors in the U.S., as stated in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Although the study was carried out on American children, aged between 8-12 years, but it does not mean that it does not occur in children in Indonesia. And it is necessary for further research from experts in Indonesia.

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