Immunization to Prevent Disease Early

Immunization is the prevention of certain diseases in a person by administering the vaccine. The vaccine is an antigen that can be active or inactive microorganisms or toxins derived from attenuated. Vaccine could be through injection, such as a vaccine BCG, DPT, DT, TT, Measles, and Hepatitis B. Meanwhile, given the polio vaccine orally. Giving the vaccine early and routinely to infants and toddlers are known to raise the body’s natural immunity. The way it’s very effective, easy, and inexpensive to ward off infectious diseases.


Diphtheria diseases including infectious disease caused by the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheria. The bacteria nesting and breeding in the throat with a very powerful toxin. Transmission can occur through air or splashing when the patient coughs or sneezes. Toxin from the bacteria that can damage the respiratory tract and enter the blood stream can lead to abnormalities in vital organs such as the heart. The disease mainly affects children under five, when diphtheria can be warded off with DPT immunization.
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Brain Nutrition For Smart Kids

Make sure you provide adequate nutrition for your child’s brain in order for it to grow healthy and smart. Nutritional deficiencies will result in the development of the nervous system becomes impaired children. It is based on research published in the British Medical Journal.

For your child to grow up healthy and intelligent, the most necessary needs such as the brain is fat builder. Fats, particularly fatty acids (DHA and ARA), is an important nutrient for the growth of the brain and the eyes of the child. The second deficiency of essential fatty acids at birth it will cause low birth weight and small head circumference. As a result, the development of the central nervous system and cognitive abilities later in life will also be affected.

To meet the need of fatty acids, milk should be given as optimal as possible for the little guy. Breast milk fatty acids were found to contain the brain needs in order to thrive. Based on studies conducted by the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center, USA, proven IQ breast-fed babies are much higher compared with infants who are not breastfed. While the child is given solid foods, fatty acid requirement can be met by providing fish, eggs, and fortified milk DHA and ARA. Continue reading “Brain Nutrition For Smart Kids”

Stimulating Children Intelligence

Your role as a parent in a child’s developing brain function not only in fetal life, but until childhood. Therefore, parents are the first teachers and the principal to the child’s brain. What can you do to make the intelligence of children to develop optimally aroused?

Based on the research of experts, the human brain growth rate peaked twice, namely in fetus at 15 weeks gestation to 20, and at 30 weeks gestation until the baby is 18 months old.

Two days above is the most important time for parents to play an active role in stimulating the brain intelligence. Because stimuli were given at this age can change the size and function of the brain chemical. Therefore, in addition to their nutritional intake must be considered, the widest possible opportunity to explore with holding, throwing, pushing, pulling and experimenting, you have to give.
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