Factors Affecting Growth Height

Child height growth is not necessarily the same as the other children, even though the same age. At least 7 factors involved in determining the height of each child.

Heredity is the primary influence that determines your child’s height, according to Levitsky lynne, MD.kepala pediatric endocrine unit at the general hospital massachusetts, boston (USA). So if you and your husband’s height 155cm, do not expect your child someday height of 170 cm. It could be the child’s height would be more of a father-mother, but can not be much above the height of his parents.

Fulfillment of nutrients that the body needs large child participate. If traveling with a smooth growth process. Nutrients that contribute in helping your child achieve optimal height, including protein, fat, vitamin A, vitamin D, iron (fe), Calcium (Ca), zinc (Zn), and iodine (I) .

Condition hormonal
Some children are born or have a medical condition it is possible to stop the growth body when no action is taken. The most common is a problem with the thyroid hormone deficiency. The hormones in the affairs high achieving human height is:

Growth hormone, stimulates bone growth charge. Are included in this type of hormones such as thyroid hormone is needed to smooth the course of metabolic processes in the body related to the growth process.
Sex hormones, struggling to help all the metabolic processes associated with the maturation of sexual organs and sexual . hormon consists of the hormone progesterone, estrogen, and androgen.
This action is needed to protect the child’s body from the attacks of various types of germs that can interfere with, or impede, the process of physical growth. Immunization is important is polio immunization.

Make sure your child sleep through the night. Approximately 70 to 80% growth hormone formed when he was sleeping.

Regular physical activity will help to expedite the growth of the child’s height, as if the body’s activity strengthens bones and muscles. However it should be taken not to engage your child in the first high-impact sports such as running and aerobics, as this exercise when done excessively it will interfere with the growth and even cause trauma to bone growth.

Children will attain full growth potential when in a loving family environment and supportive. Emotional abuse, constant tension or anxiety disorder is very influential in the growth of children. In addition, research also proved, happy children who have immune system or power strong immunization.