Intelligence and Creativity

Creativity is one of the characteristics of intelligent behavior because creativity is also a manifestation of a cognitive process. Nevertheless, the relationship between creativity and intelligence do not always show satisfactory evidence. Although there is a presumption that creativity has a linear curve of relations with intelligence, but the evidence obtained from different studies do not support it.

Low IQ followed by a low level of creativity. However, the higher a person’s IQ, is not always followed by a high level of creativity as well. Relationship IQ and creativity of a person can be seen up to a certain IQ. But higher again, it did not find any relationship between IQ with levels of creativity.

Scientists have tried to find the cause why it happened. J. P. Guilford explains that creativity is a process that is divergent thinking, the ability to provide a variety of alternative answers based on the information provided. In contrast, only intelligence tests designed to measure thinking processes that are convergent, ie the ability to provide a single answer or a logical conclusion based on the information provided. This is the result of the traditional education pattern that is less attention to the development process of divergent thinking ability even though this proved to be very instrumental in the progress achieved by science.