Recognize Crying Baby

It’s pretty much the reason for the difficulty of being a mother. However, having a baby is the dream of all women and one tremendous happiness. Here’s some info and tips for recognizing our baby crying and a way for women to live.

The child cried repeatedly to pause for breath. Usually this type of crying like a baby caused hungry or thirsty. Try to give him milk or favorite food.

Baby crying shrill, breathless then cry again. Maybe he fell and his body felt sore. Try to swing his body and he slowly massaged her with great tenderness.

Baby crying like screaming endlessly. Maybe he was bored. Try to hum, engage him in conversation, joking or take her out to restore cheerfulness.

Baby crying and whining will not sleep. Maybe he wants cuddled-buckle, try to lift and swing her body slowly and sing a song gently until she fell asleep.

Baby cries as if he was sad or angry. Maybe he was lonely and less attention. Try to accompany him until he is calm and cheerful again.

Baby crying sad followed lethargic body movements. Maybe he was sick. Try to check his temperature and immediately take it to the doctor for a checkup.

Baby cries grew louder and began to squirm in her bed. He felt uncomfortable with her ​​blanket or clothes. Try to always change his clothes before he fell asleep with a softer material and no heat in the body.