Stimulating Children Intelligence

Your role as a parent in a child’s developing brain function not only in fetal life, but until childhood. Therefore, parents are the first teachers and the principal to the child’s brain. What can you do to make the intelligence of children to develop optimally aroused?

Based on the research of experts, the human brain growth rate peaked twice, namely in fetus at 15 weeks gestation to 20, and at 30 weeks gestation until the baby is 18 months old.

Two days above is the most important time for parents to play an active role in stimulating the brain intelligence. Because stimuli were given at this age can change the size and function of the brain chemical. Therefore, in addition to their nutritional intake must be considered, the widest possible opportunity to explore with holding, throwing, pushing, pulling and experimenting, you have to give.

What can parents do?

Do not put the child in the crib constantly.
Educational toys children choose appropriate developmental age.
When it is clear that he is a play on the lawn or in the garden near the house, and let him play freely.
Also occasionally invited to shop.
Ask the children to perform simple tasks and give praise afterwards.
Still read books the old and the new.
Streets as well as sharpen the brain: take the train
Main to the beach or the park
Visit the zoo