Toys, Kids Learn to Increase Motivation

Every child really loves to play. For the little guy, the activity is not just having fun. Playing is very useful for helping to make it more optimal growth. So the selection of toys is crucial for optimal benefits.

As well as working for adults, play is work for children. Through play, your child will learn about the world and its surroundings. He has the opportunity to explore the environment and develop the skills, values, attitudes, tolerance, and understanding. Play is a way of expressing feelings and emotions faster than conveying verbal expression.

As a tool for playing, the selection of toys and play materials is crucial for optimal benefits. Abundant toy is useless if the toy has no educational value. That is, the toy gives enjoyment or play while learning the benefits of a particular skill. However, does not mean you also have to fill your child with educational toys that are too much. Toy is just one contributing factor to optimize brain development of children.

The first three years are the golden period of brain development in children. At that time, he needs a lot of stimulation. The more stimulation is given, the relationship between neural connections will be many more. That is, the child will be more intelligent. One form of stimulation is a toy. You can give toys early on, but by no means as a baby. Parents actually a natural plaything for babies. That is, the baby is better off playing with his parents. You should introduce educational toys from children aged 1 to 1.5 years. At that age, the child is able to grasp a concept of the game despite his speaking ability is not yet clear.

You need to consider when choosing a toy is a toy conformity with the child’s age. Age shows the developmental stage of the child, both physically and mentally. Toys that are too difficult to make the child frustrated. Conversely, if too easy, it’s no longer interesting toy for your little one. To simplify your choosing toys, toy manufacturers put some in every age category toy packaging.

Here are the characteristics of toys that is instructive:

Created to stimulate basic skills in toddlers
Has many functions. That is, there are several variations of the toys in the toy so that the child acquired stimulation also varied
Encourage problem solving ability. Examples of assembling toy or puzzle
Train child care and diligence. Not just enjoy, but the accuracy is also required little time to play
Train the basic concepts. That is, the child can recognize and develop basic skills such as shape, color, texture, scale. In addition, educational toys are able to train fine motor nerves work
Stimulate the creativity of children. The children through a variety of creative toys made